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St. Stephen’s School is the only plus (two modern English learning co-ed Institution in the locality which is running Multipurpose stream Science, Commerce & Humanities with well equipped qualified trained teachers, labs library and computer labs. Computer literacy programme is compulsory upto class VII Teachers/ students are well in action throughout the whole academic session with academic curriculum as well as all-round self development -programme Apart from sports & games activities pupils are enjoying through Art Club. Science Club, Library Club, Book Club, Quiz Club and such other creative activities. For Plus Two level Science with Maths. Physics. Chemistry, Biology or Computer Science. Commerce with Accounts Economics. Business Studies and Humanities with History, Geography, Pol. Science, Economics Mathematics, Psychology and Physical Education.


One of The aims of the school is to provide to every learner such opportunities as shall be conducive to his/her physical, mental and moral development. The House system has been introduced for the fruitification of this aim. House wise co-curricular activities and sports activities are organized under the guidance of the experi­enced Teachers Even untiring efforts are made to the intellec­tual, physical, emotional, spiritual and aesthetic development of every student by means of many programmes for the whole year.


  1. Aravalli- Budding, Sub-Junior, Junior Pre- Senior, Senior Colour symbol- Red
  2. Nilgin – Budding, Sub-Junior, Junior, Pre- Senior, Senior Colour symbol- Green
  3. Shivalik – Budding, Sub-Junior Junior Pre- Senior, Senior Colour symbol- Yellow
  4. Udayagin – Budding, Sub-Junior, Junior, Pre­ Senior, Senior Colour symbol – Blue

Budding Nursery to K. G.
Sub- Junior I to II
Junior III to V
Pre-Senior VI to VIII
Senior IX to XII